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turning 21...a new phase in life...

I can't believe that I'm turning 21 years old soon. recently, there has been many thoughts in my life and making many important decisions in my life. It's a growing up stage. Like what the title of this post says, "turning 21..a new phase in life." 

Thoughts = Good thoughts (of course)
Decisions = Good decisions (I'm excited!)

1st thought:
First of all, I am going to be water baptized this coming 10th April. 
So happen that...
1) 10 April is my 21st birthday
2) 10 April is Good Friday
3) 10 April is my water baptism day. wow! I'm happy.

2nd thought:
You will know soon! hehe

3rd thought:
Army! after 30 days in army, I achieved my 8-5 posting. God is good. More than good, God is great..
After 3 months, I went to see the Medical Officer at MMI and I managed to down pes to Pes C2L2 because of my severe flat foot. It's really flat.
Just today, I felt led by God to do something by faith in army. I'm still praying about it.

4th thought:
planning my saving and how to save my first $50000 in 3 years?

5th thought:
F3..looking forward to CG meeting tomorrow.

6th thought:
Can't wait to finish Customer Service Training with Customer Ops ministries...

I need to plan my week now..
That's all for blogging!



A New Chapter

A new chapter..

In a few days time, I will be starting a new chapter in my life. Personally, I'm very excited. I believe that going through army will really bring me even closer to God. It's going to a real test for every real man to go through. How's the status of me now?

Spiritually --- Prepared
Mentally --- Prepared
Emotionally --- Prepared
Physically ---- Not prepared! HAHA

I always believe that New level, New devil. The next few months, God is going to bring me to a new level in my walk with Him. That's mean a new devil! A stronger and bigger devil! 
Exciting man.. I'm going to give this devil a KO punch in the name of Jesus!!
I can't wait to see it. 
What I really need you to help me is to Pray. Keep me in prayer. I believe that your prayer will help in some ways. So if you are reading this.. Go and pray now! I'm serious. 

let's get serious. 
It's so funny. if you ask me how do i feel about army. Honestly, it will still be a mixed feeling. Having a mixed feeling, I don't know how to explain to you. I shall just type down what happen the last few days. I leave it up to you to feel it. haha.

My peers in church went to newton with me to eat all the junk food. I ate rojak, oyster egg, Lala, stingray, satays, bbq chicken wings, otahs and drank sugar cane.
It's one of the best food you can find in Singapore!

Surprisingly, I was still not thinking and worried about army at all. Because I told myself that I will purposely wait until the last day then I will panic about army. I even talked to Roy before service started. He asked me how I feel about army. I replied and said, "No feeling." I smiled. Then he said some people have thick skin, that's why still no feeling. haha. then he walked away and service started in few mins time.

I went to buy all the army stuff that i need when I'm inside. Li xing accompany me to buy all the necessary things I need. Thanks Xing!! Eric came along to just fellowship and hang out with me.
We went to eat the best Beef horfun in Beach Road. Oh's the best. We drank sugarcane too. Beach Road's Sugarcane is so much fresher and better than newton's one. 

1o reasons why the beef horfun is the best!
1) Lixing and Eric will definitely eat it again when they are there.
2) The stall has two off days. It's closed on Thursday and Friday. So good that the boss doesn't want to work on Thursday and Friday.
3) The boss only sells the beef horfun at a limited time. As long as he finishes cooking all the ingredients, he will close his stall even if there's still customers. 
4) he disciplines himself in the no. of beef horfun he wants to serve each day.
5) he doesn't prepare a lot of ingredients. He prepared just enough for him to cook.
6) He taste every sauce to make sure it's the sauce that he wants before he serves everyone.
7) The beef horfun has a  lot of beef!!!
8) His beef horfun cost $4!! haha
9) I'm talking about it. when jianming says it's nice, it's surely is the best.
10) you feel like trying it now! hahah.

Alright... so after buying the army things, I started to feel more about army. I met Roy again just before service started. He told me that he can see that I looked different from yesterday. I told him yes.. Im thinking about army. 
Sunday ended with two great meeting.
the most powerful one is with pastors. a great sharing by pastors to all the people in the meeting. After that was Ops Meeting. I thought God's presence really came to the room and used me to pray a prayer. I believe that there was an impartation that night to all the 40-50 people in the meeting that night.

God encouraged me that night as I was leading the whole team in prayer. the last 3 years, I had really sowed a lot in the ministry and using the church to build people and not use the people to build the church. There's so many people that I had trained are promoted to a higher level in their ministries. I am the happiest person that night.
Keegan and Jeremy are now the Head Usher in Usher Ministry. they are happy but I'm happier!
Shan yong is now the Head of Security. He's happy but I'm happier.
Seeing people like, them alongside with yilin, jian hong, peck hoon, shermaine, evi, etc doing what they are doing, it really encourage me and makes me very happy to see all of their dreams coming to pass. 
It was the greatest joy!

Ending off my sunday night to dream and think about F3. oh man, it's the same feeling. Seeing kenn doing what he's doing today with the whole CG (jazreel, sili, tyne, rytha, charles, junzhou, bryan, many more and more!!) I am super happy! yea. 
Jazreel: hope you like that gift for your birthday. haha.

Let's make it a bit shorter. I woke up and went to eat with B1 and B10. thank you very much!!! you guys are the best. I had great time laughing and talking to all of you. Walking from Dhoby Ghaut to Far East Plaza. It was fun!
After that, I went to meet pastors and a few leaders for a dinner. Amazing! 
I think I had tried all the food that I wanted to eat. I tried all the junk food, my beef horfun, japanese food and the best thai food I ever eaten. I'm super happy! lol.

I will be going church for BMT and will be sharing testimony in Garrett's session. At night, going to have my last meal before I go army with my whole family. It's going to be great.

745am i will reach Pasir Ris Mrt. The rest??? 

One of my greatest revelation this week is about Jesus cleansing a leper in the book of Matthew. Jesus mentioned the word "willing". The leper said to Jesus, "Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean." Jesus replied and said that He is willing. The leper is cleansed and heal from the disease.

What is Willing?

Willing = it carries the idea of being ready, prepared.

See this today, I'm going to the army on Wednesday at 8am in the morning. I am going in willingly. I'm not going to AWOL, etc. or neither am I going to report sick and wake up late on purpose. Therefore, in a way, I am going to the army willingly. In a know? I'm not really willing to go but because I got no choice and I need to go. So I'm kind of going in willingly.

If I'm going in willingly, I am going in being ready and prepared. Therefore, I am ready and prepare for it. I'm going after the new devil in this new level.. God just spoke right into my heart. I am ready and prepared. 

I was reading John Bevere's book. Amazing book. Your responses determine your future. 
Satan has set up many many traps in our lives. We must beware of all the traps that he has set up. 
Traps are temptation. 
The bible says flee from temptation. 

Two things to know about traps:
Before you know what are the two things. Just think of settling up a trap to catch a rat. You will then understand the two things about traps. After you know it, beware of all the traps that Satan has set up near our lives. We are like the animals being surrounded by traps. Do not be trapped.
1) A trap will always be hidden.
2) A trap will always have a bait to draw you closer towards the trap.

Wow.. What a long post!!! Do spend the time reading this long post. haha..
this post is specially dedicated to all the readers that has been reading my blog regularly. 
You can keep reading it again and again for the next few days as I think I won't be blogging anytime soon.. 

Keep me in prayer! 8-5!! 

With love,
Jian Ming am I feeling? hehe (:


Time until Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM (Singapore time)

6 days
151 hours
9069 minutes
544161 seconds

Alternative version

It is 6 days7 hours9 minutes and 21 seconds until Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM (Singapore time)

Current time is

2008-11-27 00:50:39 (local time in Singapore)

Army is approaching!

Hi Everyone, 

I thought this is something cool and yet something scary...

I did a countdown to the day of my enlistment. see below!

Time until Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM (Singapore time)

14 days
353 hours
21209 minutes
1272563 seconds

Alternative version

It is 14 days17 hours29 minutes and 23 seconds until Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM (Singapore time)

Current time is

2008-11-18 14:30:37 (local time in Singapore)

btw, if you don't know, I will be going to the army on the 3rd Dec 2008 (Wed), 8am.

Live Life


A changed life
2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

2 Corinthians 5:7
For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Good News!

Have a great day!

The power packed weekend has just ended. If you include the 5 morning prayer in the morning, nick vujicic services and services with Pastors Kong, that will be 10 services in total. Wow.. I was around for 9 out of 10 services. 

Thumbs up to all the Ushers! You really work very hard for the last few days. Some of them actually serve as many as 7-8 services because they want to help out! We only scheduled everyone to serve twice last week! some of them simply serve up to 8 services! I got nothing to say.
1 service there's about 1000 people.
10 services : 10000 people
Last week, if we don't count all the overlaps... We ushered 10000 people in one week!
Truly we made full use of our rental last week. hahaha.

For all the ushers and securities that's on the walkie talkie, I hope you didn't have a bad experience on the walkie with me. After last week, I'm sure everyone has broke through!

Updates about church breakthrough attendance!!!
Overall, we are above 2300 people!!! Praise God!
Zone F hit an attendance of 279 people!!
B zone was 140+!!
D zone was 400 plus if i'm not wrong!! 

Oh..I must share two good news! 
1) My elder brother came to church last week. I didn't even invite him to church and he asked if he can come to church a not. 
For the longest time, my prayer is coming to pass. Remember the whole season of Spiritual adoption? As a CGL, I was inspiring my people to pray and invite their siblings to church. then I was very stressed. I'm thinking in my heart, how can I not be a doer of God's word. Then again , I was telling myself, it's very hard for me to invite my elder bro to church.
So I decided to pray to God for his best friend to be a Christian and get my bro to church. The amazing thing is that few weeks ago, I met his best friend and he's a christian! I didn't expect things to move so fast, my bro and his best friend came to church last week and he quite like it. ( I haven't really talk to him about the service yet).
Crystals!! He will be saved!

2) I was just talking to Pam online. She just told me that her classmate know who am I. I was stunned. This friend of hers said that we are in the same class few months ago. It took me quite awhile to remember him. But the powerful thing is that I did tell him that I'm a christian, etc but i always keep low profile in school. It was the last day of school and I haven't invited him to church, etc. Then I think I "anyhow" say a prayer for him to be saved. Pam just told me that he's now attending a church regularly for two months already!
I asked pam to help me tell him, must be my prayer!! haha.. lol.
He replied, "Amen! Praise the Lord!".

I tell you, he's not like that last time. He told me that he's a free thinker, etc. Today, he's a christian! 

Praise the Lord!
Prayer works!


I'm back to blog.. oh man! Hello to everyone who tagged in my tagboard.

I'm back because I like!
I'm back because I love!
I'm back because I'm bored!
I'm back because I want to blog!
I'm back because I know you are waiting for this post!
I'm back because I want to tell you how I feel!
I'm back because I want to list 7 reasons why I'm back!
I'm back because I want to tell you that I'm back!
I'm back because I want to tell you that it's 9 reasons why I'm back instead of 7!
But really...
I'm back because I'm inspired by Garrett after he told me that he is back blogging after many many many many many days.. Go check out his blog!

I'm excited! Oh many events are coming back! I feel like blogging an announcement post!

Some quick announcement, Pastors and the team are going to be back in 13hours as of now! I just received an sms. I'm excited.. I seriously miss pastors and rinnah a lot. 

Next, we will not be having zone f service the next two weeks! Mainly, it’s because the next two weeks are power-packed weekends for us!!


Combined Service

In two days time, we will actually be having a combined service on Saturday from 5pm – 7pm. I tell you, I’m sure you will be blown away by our combined service.

Heart of God church has been growing a lot the last few months.

This weekend, it’s really an opportunity for us to see how big our church really is now.

So, you really need to be around to fill up this auditorium!

TTYN: It’s you!

TTYN: Make sure you come next Saturday at 5pm!

Be sure to reach earlier to get the best seats for combined service.


Evangelistic Services with Nick Vujicic

After our power-packed combined service, we will be moving on to the most power-packed weekend of the year!

TTYN: Don’t miss this!!

By now, everyone of you should be very familiar about these two dates, on the 4th and 5th of Nov, Tuesday and Wednesday, Nick Vujicic will be coming to our church to share his testimony. He is someone who doesn’t have any hands nor legs and he will be sharing about how with God, all things are possible.

I heard that he will be here to show us how he throws a tennis ball.

Be sure not to miss this out! Most importantly, this is the best opportunity to invite your friends.

Many of you will have already started inviting your friend. You guys are amazing! If you haven’t, let me encourage you to really start inviting some friends. It’s still not too late to invite your friends!


Service with Pastor Kong

To end of the weekend with a blast, we have Pastor Kong from City Harvest church to preach in our church! Pastor Kong needs no further introduction. We all know this great man of God.


The service timing is on the

7th November, Friday 730pm-10pm

8th November, Saturday 5pm-7pm

9th November, Sunday 3pm-5pm


TTYN: See you there for all 3 services!

CHC Morning Prayer

On the same week, City Harvest church is having their morning prayer @ our church. It is from the 3-7th Nov 2008, Monday to Friday: 645am-8am. Do join us in the morning prayer!

Everyone!!!!, it’s going to a busy week in next week. Tuesday and Wednesday there will be service with Nick Vujicic and from Friday to Sunday, there’s service with Pastor Kong. Please really spend time with your family this Sunday as we are only having one service on Saturday.


In one week time, it is going to a stretch for many of you. You are going to come for all the 5 services! If you never realized, you are actually going to do something that you never done before.

If you want something you never had before, you need to do something you never done before. I believe that as you come for all the 5 services, you are going to experience something that you never had before!

Be wise, talk to your parents and share with them how in next week, it’s really a very important week for you and promise me you will spend time with your family this Sunday.

Wow! The holiday has just started and we have just packed you with so many things in your holidays. How many of you believe you are going to enjoy your holidays?

Oh man..I'm excited! I hope you are! Oh man..I think you must be laughing by now! Alright..time to sleep. 

Be simple! Be smart! Be simple again!

Catch the heart of simplicity.

KL Trip

A trip to CHC KL was amazing. A trip that I will never forget because I went there with my pastor. Thank You Pastor How for giving me this opportunity to travel overseas with you. I love it!

Day 1
It was an exciting Day 1! The night before, I knockout at 4am. I haven't even packed finished most of my things and at 6am, I received a morning call from Koon Yew at 6am. I was supposed to meet him and travel to Harbor Front together. I was late. Unknowing, I went to sleep again. I really woke up at 630am. So, I quickly went to pack all my things and rushed down on a cab. Cab fare was $28++. Arrh!
After that, reached harbor front and quickly got the boarding pass and went up the bus. I sat with Colin! Oh man, I tell you, I planned to sleep on the bus. After talking to Colin for the first half an hour and finding out everything about his life in that half an hour... I can't sleep! So I decided to think about my own life, praise God, talk to God, thank Him and I started replying all my unread emails on the bus! Soon later, I reached KL! The sight of the Twin Tower gave me the conclusion that I had reached!!
We alighted the bus and checked in the hotel! 
Funny Incident:
Jamie was so excited that she forgot we are at Malaysia. Not all Malaysian understands english. She went to an Indian guy and asked, "Hello! Can you help us take a group photo? :D" 
HAHA. The man just stared at Jamie! We had a great laugh. After showing some hand signal, he got it and helped us.
Checked in the hotel, we started to check out the place around the hotel! 1st thing to check out: FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! We went around looking for Good Food! God is Good. Opposite our hotel is an Indian 24hrs shop. We went there to eat! Great Food.
 1st Food Exploration:
Indian Food! amazing. The Teh tarik is the best! I didn't feel like drinking until i see the man pulls the teh!! Wah.. Temptation la! I ordered one immediately. After that, ordered real food.
First time I ate indian food with 8 different types of sauces on the rice. There's the chicken curry sauce, fish curry sauce, squid sauce, grilled chicken sauce, etc!! After eating this meal, everyone is in a happy mood! 
Went to KLCC for a quick walk and went to Nikko Hotel for the arrival of Pastor. Helped pastor how with his things to the room and told pastor about the indian food. Haha..A few of us went to buy the indian food for pastor how. Some of us were tempted again, we bought teh tarik to drink!

After that, we went to Nikko Hotel to wait for the arrival of Pastor How! Helped pastor how with his things and went shopping with Garrett and team.
Wow..we really walked. In Singapore, it's like walking from Raffles Place to Orchard Road. We want to look for their Far East Shopping Centre for cheap and nice stuff. 
The malaysian told as that it's two streets away. their "two streets" means "From raffles to orchard". Can you imagine how far is it?
We shopped from 5pm-7pm. At 730pm, we are supposed to meet Pastor How and Pastor Kevin at the hotel and go for the best dinner in KL. But we are still at the "far east shopping centre" at 705pm. Oh man..we need like 30mins to walk back to the hotel. The team and I decided to run back. Reach a point in time, Garrett and I decided to rush back first. We reached the hotel at 725pm. we are fast man. The rest managed to reach by 730pm. haha.

1st Dinner at KL:
 22 cups of orange juice per table of 8 persons.
Black pepper BIG TIGER PRAWN.
Wrap Chicken.
x2 BIG satay
Beef Noodles
oh man..many more. I'm not going to make you drool. haha.
The best is the last!
After everything, pastor how invited us to his room and we have a heart to heart session. Pastor How shared a lot and it really impacted me and the team. We are so blessed!
Thank you pastor!

Whole day shopping in the afternoon and then headed for their church service. Amazing. Learnt a lot from them and was very blessed there. But I must say that as a Heart of God Church member! Heart of God church is the best. I love my church and my pastors!
Their service was great.. CHCKL is one of the best churches in malaysia man.. Pastor How sermon was ownage. Pastor preached about The journey of the dream..Joseph's life, etc.
The presence of God totally filled up the whole place.
After the service, we headed for dinner!
2nd Dinner at KL:
This time round, the food is even better. All thanks to Yong Hui and Jamie!!
It was very funny..After the first dinner, Yong hui and Jamie looked at Pastor Kevin and told him, "Pastor.. This is the best food I ever eaten in my entire life." "WAH!" said Pastor Kevin!
Because of this, pastor kevin said that he needs to up the standard of the food. He brought us to Sakura for dinner. Sakura Lasi Lemak is the best!! wow...We have orange juice again!
many food...
spring chicken
prawns again..
and many more....
After that, head back to hotel. Have our 2nd heart to heart session with Pastor How. amazing! So blessed!

We headed to their church as early as 9am in the morning. Have a quick tour of their church.
I must said that our church ops really is 5times better than them. I mean our equipment is so much more than them and better then them. BUT! we must really appreciate what we have and not take things for granted. Though our equipment is better, their output is better than us in some ways. Their livefeed ministry is the best. They don't use walkie talkie to communicate and all their shots are very fresh and nice! They simply flow. Spirit to spirit. zai. thumbs up for their livefeed ministry.
Service was as powerful. Ownage!! haha.
After that, we headed for our last meal of the trip with Pastor Kevin. The best is kept for the last! that's what Pastor Kevin said. We went to eat...Bat Ku Teh!
amazing la.. 
After everything, headed back to hotel and waited for bus to bring us back. did some quick shopping in the mist of it. 
oh man..there are still many things that I didn't share. Ask me what and I will tell you more!
I'm so blessed!

A picture speaks a thousand words.. here's all the random photos that I have uploaded! All the photos are not in any order...
hope it helps and thrilled you! haha

I'm kind of losing the "appetite" of blogging!!

Haha.. I will try to blog again if I got the time..
See you guys. I'm off to KL!!!
Bye Bye!